Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still Working Hard

I know lately I have been focused on my journey to lose weight, but I feel like I owe myself something this time around. my focus is definitely different. It's hard staying on plan and staying motivated, but I am definitely focused. I have not weighed my self yet, but I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and they usually weigh so I will be able to have an idea of how I am doing.

Well along with losing some pounds I told you I was going to be organizing my life. I am still working on #2 from my post "Changing My Life so I can Finally be in Control of My Will". It stated:

2. Make a plan to clean house...check Living room done,but it took 3 days. I even made a work-space)
    a. 2 hours of cleaning per day until each room has been done.
    b. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE MY HUSBAND IN THIS PART next is reorganizing the kitchen.

Well let's see how I have been doing...

1. Living room...check
2. Work Space...check
3. Filing...check
4. Kitchen reorganized...check



Spice cabinet

I bought this at the Vintage Fair in Lakeland, Fl and now I am putting it to good use.

My lazy Susan cabinet

This cabinet stays full of clutter, but now its CLEEAANNN!

I have more drawers, but you get the picture.

So it took me about 4 hours to clean the kitchen. I was so inspired that my husband and I made a wonderful dinner to top it off with


Next, I will be tackling my bathroom sink and hallway closet. I will have to get a few things before then, but I am still hard at work.

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