Monday, June 17, 2013

Changing my life so I can finally be in control of my own will!

So you know I am on a new regime. My goal is to lose 202 pounds by 2015. Sounds like quite a bit, but do you know how big I am...I am too young to be this big.


So here is my plan.

I have decided to work from the inside out. I need to change my whole existence right now at the age of 33. I am am getting older and more mature. By the time I am 35...I want to be a whole new person. I have always tried diet fads here and there, but honey until you change your mindset nothing will happen. I have always heard the cliche "what your house looks like on the outside is what you are feeling like on the inside". I can honestly say it's true. I have always been a "ALL AT ONE TIME" mindset girl. If I wanted clothes I had to have a whole new wardrobe. If I wanted a car I had to have all the money at one to get it. If I wanted to change my eating habits I had to clear out all the cabinets and buy all new grocery. You kind of get the idea by now. I have learned that I have to take things one step and one day at a time. You can't have it all once, but you can have it all if you believe that GREATNESS IS ACHIEVED THROUGH SMALL SUCCESSES.

So I am doing me y'all for the next two months I am detoxing MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.
1. Ship the kids off for the summer...check (I love you TN)

Far left is Angel 11, fourth child is Ashani 14, and fifth is Mia 16. We met their aunt in ATL and they left for TN about a week ago. The other kids are their cousins.

2. Make a plan to clean house...check Living room done,but it took 3 days. I even made a work-space)
    a. 2 hours of cleaning per day until each room has been done.
    b. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE MY HUSBAND IN THIS PART next is reorganizing the kitchen.

My Workspace

Coupons filed by date. Oh I can't tell you where I had these. I should have done a before.

Filing space for Banking, Legal, Bills, Insurance, etc. in order and dated.

These were all over the place, work, bedrooms, living room now they have a home.

Some my personal books in my office space

3. Make a schedule to follow each day (I AM SO BAD AT PLANNING AND EXECUTING)...check

I am a business teacher that teaches time management and organizational management (HELL THAT       WAS MY DEGREE. I have to practice what I preach. I can plan all day, but executing can be a bit of a task. Don't get me wrong I can execute, but I do not follow the plan i made so its gets chaotic.
This is on my refrigerator! 
4. Eat right and workout...check

My lunch today. I was half done before I took the pic. 

5. I am working on a few other things that will help my life become so much easier.                                               a. CREDIT - my husband and I are working to get out credit score up. We need a bigger house. A 4    bedroom, 3 bath, with 2 living rooms, formal dining area, office and STORAGE MAMMY! We have one in mind already that is right around the block from where we live. 
b. BUSINESS- We have had a tax business at home for a few years, but we need more clients. I plan on starting my own wit my sissy We are into Vintage and Redesign.
c. LESSON PLANS AND FBLA - My first year as a teacher just rounded up the beginning of this month. I cold not stay on top of everything this year so it was stressful. I plan on making a schedule with lesson plans for everyday this year along with FBLA and using some common core along with it since we will be going that way by 2014.

6. My house is still a work in progress, but my kitchen is done here are some pics. next is bathrooms and floors. You may have noticed from my previous blogs I was working on it.. 
Still have some work to do like back-splash behind the stove and above the microwave and picking curtains out for the window. We have recess lights in the ceiling, but my husband is working on them. That's him on the right. BETTER PICS WHEN COMPLETELY DONE.


I am going natural. I cut all my hair off last week. It's so easy to manage and my hair is good so when I wet it curls up. I look how my kids say FYE!

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