Sunday, September 9, 2012

My SISSY and I are really twins!

RE-POST from sister sophisticate


And....perfect! As a designer this is one lesson that is key to create an eclectic collected look. It takes some really skilled restrain to create from scratch, but overtime it can be easily achieved. That's why places like Craigslist and Flea markets are great.

You can achieve this in many different ways...take a look above. Everything from the art to the furniture to the lamps are perfectly mismatched in here. I think I recognize a consistent theme through color.


How about mismatched lamps in a bedroom. this would be extremely hard for me. I am a symmetry person all the way. Whatever I see on one side I have to see on the other. They would definitely have to be some kick-ass lamps that I can not find a place for. These are pretty kick ass though!

This one...I am in love with because of the rustic wood mixed withe the polished wood. The chairs are on point and even the polished table-top on top the rustic legs. This is just lovely. And did you notice the bay light just comes form out of nowhere, but comes right on time for perfection.

Ok...what does not belong but makes perfect sense in this room, or should I say what several things?!

And I just love this idea. Soo...doing it! I have most def come across a few good mirrors in my thrift shopping trips.

Great job Star...I have been thinking about doing mitch-match for the longest now and you could not have said it any better. Now that my kitchen is done, I am taking small steps to decorating the rest of my house. I am going to stick with the the same pallet far as colors on the wall and make it extend into the rest of the house by using this technique.


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