Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Deepest Fear Project

I am so excited for this project I will be ding with my students. It's called "Our Deepest Fear". The quote is by Marrianne Willamson. One of my favorite quotes of all time. I really want my students to understand why it is important for them to reach their full potential and start early. They need to get an understanding of their life and their part in the world.some of them don't understand that they are already leaders, powerful, great beyond measure. This project, I hope, will touch them in so many ways and define their life.


I just started my first week of school and it has already been a heck of a ride. I will say I have a great bunch of students this year. I also have over 200 of them. I have many names to remember. "Lawd help me". Either way I am in the middle of really creating new and exciting curriculum. I got inspired this summer after losing 20 pounds. My quote that I follow now is "Hard work pays off". I think that my students can really learn so much form me this year and I can't wait to get started.

You already know I have been on Pinterest and got so many wonderful ideas. This makes my class run smoother. I only wish I went to school for computers and it would be a big help today...for sure. I will be learning what I don't know along with my students.

Key things to learn this year:

Media Design
Proofreading Skills
Writing across the curriculum
Common Core Standards

I think I will be fine. Being a teacher allows for me to be creative. I can think of so many fun assignments that will still teach my kids the skills I want them to know. I hope they are ready for me because Mrs. Clay ain't playing this school year.