Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Feeling Inspired

I just watched So You Think You Can Dance. What a Top 20 Bunch it is this year. My shots go out to the under dog Cyrus "GLITCH" (Reminds me of TWITCH) Spencer. Boy, I really thought that when he walked into that room he was gonna be DENIED the top 20 spot. He is AMAZING at what he does, but he really needs work in other danced areas. 

However, moving on, I really enjoyed myself tonight. I think that if I were not so big then I could have been a dancer. Dancers move me so much and I really love the way Zooey Deschanel put it, "It's like a moving painting".

I just love the DRAMA and MOVEMENT of it all!

I feel that when I see dancing its so many art forms coming together to form one. Its art, its music, its dance, its photography, its fashion, its hair, its drama and so much more. Above are some photos I found that inspire me to want to make art.

So you think you can dance Audrey and Janelle 

This is a dance that absolutely moved me!

These are more photos I found


  1. Love dancing as a form of expression. Capture you emotionally just like a good song. I think I could have been a dancer in another lifetime too.

    1. Remember when MOM put is in Gymnastics. I guess we shuld have tried a little harder. Thanks Sis.