Thursday, June 20, 2013

Days seem longer on a diet!

So yesterday seemed like a very long day. It started off great.

We ate breakfast...our usual. 

We took our vitamins

We did our morning work out and I even made my Motivation board and Workout Schedule.

After our workout that's when things got tough. We were definitely tired!
This time it was about 3 pm and we were riding by our neighborhood chicken establishment (literally about 4 blocks from where we live). We caught a whiff of that chicken and we went to CRAVING. 
We tried to forget about it, but I got to be honest it was on my mind all day long and even today. You can read more about here

Well we had to go and pick up our copy of Insanity from my husbands friend at about 5:00 pm. So I rushed to prepare some things and try to waist time. Here is what I made in 90 minutes. 
Homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette. I found the recipe from online at Allrecipes. Only thing was I used raspberries I already had frozen and white wine vinegar boiled and then reduced and added the other ingredients except for the salt and sugar. It taste's okay, but I know it have been the bomb if I cold add just a hint of salt and the sugar to balance the acidity.

Here we have homemade peanut butter. I bought Fishers peanuts for two bucks. I roasted them in the oven and added Flax-seed oil in the food processor till I got the consistency of peanut butter. It was very bitter so I added some Stevia for sweetener. I like it, but the Stevia leaves an awful after taste in your mouth that makes you miss plain sugar really bad. Next time I will use honey.

I found a recipe for Creamy Avacodo Pasta Sauce on Pinterest. It was really easy. I used it with my dinner last night because we don't eat any pasta at all. It taste's great because it has basil and lemon that took my seared chicken to another level. 

I made a Strawberry Salad with slivered almonds and green leaf salad. You can see my raspberry sauce on top. That was lunch that we ate very late.

At this point I was ready to start on re-organizing my kitchen, but it was time to get the video. I love my husbands friend, but one thing we already know is that when we visit him it may not take a minute or two, but instead and hour or two. We stayed almost four hours and it threw us off our time schedule. I was still thinking about that CHICKEN. It was even a topic of conversation at the friend's house. What made it bad was the friend wanted us to to stay and have dinner...Damn...Damn...Damn! They were having Bourbon Chicken and Orange chicken from the Chinese restaurant in the mall. He was also going to get some Blue Moon (Don't know what it is...look it up). WHY LORD WHY. In all we denied the offer and came home. by this time I am super hungry because dinner in out house is at 6 pm. We were 3 hours off and CRAVING. By this time the day had been TOO LONG. 

I was able to cook dinner in about less than 20 minutes. 
See my avocado sauce? I ate that chicken like it was the last piece on Earth. We enjoyed and went settled down for bed catching up on TV shows. 

I could not go to sleep....know why?


About 11:30 pm my husband turned off the TV and wanted me to read with him. The last thing I felt like doing was reading so I turned my ass over and read me to sleep.

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