Friday, July 13, 2012

Romance: What it means to me!

So you already know that I am a fan of reality television. I get inspiration from many of them. Tiffany Maher and George Lawrence got me to thinking. They really portrayed the words in the song and when you have a great romantic song like that with gerat dancers magic happens. The song called "Turning Page" by the group Sleeping At Last. I remebered hearing that song somewhere, but I could not think of where or when until I did some researching. Its on Twilight's Breaking Dawn soundtrack. HUGE FAN OF TWILIGHT.  Tiffany and George really represented Bella and Edward's hot romance that they portray in the movie.

So I wanted to let you know what romance means to me. Its about showing how far you are willing to go to show the person you love how much you love them. It does not have to be big. It can be as small as coking breakfast, doing the laundry (Hello!) Don't gt me wrong...I want to be swept off my feet at least once in my lifetime. 

I watch scenes on movies and hear what men have done for their wive all the time. I am the "hopeless romantic" and I love it. I have been married for 10 years and my husband and I are a young couple. He is 34 and I am 32. My dear husband he really tries to be romantic, but I think I am to nosy for him to really be as romantic as he wants to be. I get the cards, the flowers, the dinner and a movie, but all that gets BORING. he gotta step the game up to pull off ROMANCE on me. He so obsessed with trying to please me that he wants to write a book on the true meaning of romance. He thinks he does not have a romantic bone in his body, but I think if he just does not think so literally, he could be romantic. One of the best things he did for me was take me Bok Tower for lunch. The landscape there is beautiful, so I thought it was great. He did not have the candles, blanket and wine set out for me already, but we walked around and talked then ate a salad at the cafe.He also took me to Picasso's cafe one time and we painted some pottery. Basically, I was not swept off my feet and cried, but he did his best. 

Lets just be honest...MEN DON'T GET IT. If your man does get it, let me know some of the things he has done for you. I looked up on YouTube "Romantic scenes from movies". I can't believe it, but I have watched every last movie on each part except for 2. I know, I know, some of you may say romance is not about the material things and its the thought that counts and so on and so on, but LADIES we want to be swept off out feet and not see it coming. 

1. Your man needs to really know you and what you like. 
I like music, art, the beach, great food, singing, dancing, breathe taking views, beautiful hotels with a big jacuzzi, winery's, walking up and down busy streets like International drive or Disney Downtown in Orlando. Your man can make so many things happen off the things you like. He could take you to the beach and have a dinner table already set up for you with candle light and something sweet written in the beach sand for you to read. We could even just lay there with a blanket while he reads a romantic book to you and have a radio with romantic music playing int he background that we could slow dance to. 

2. He may have to get other people involved
Setting up a beautiful romantic date takes planning and time. He may want to take you to your favorite restaurant and hotel after (if you catch my drift). Or he may want it to be a weekend thing. He may need a family of a friend to help him pull it off. Someone will need to keep you busy while he gets everything together like reserving the best table and making sure it is set up with the works, packing your overnight bag, buying the roses for the rose petals that lead to the bed, having the music playing while you walk through the door, a custom made gift basket with your favorite candy, CD, perfume, wine, etc. I mean...every second of the date should be planned out. 

3. Your man needs to know what your tastes in clothing and what size you wear
What would be so darling and daring and just off the chain would be for him to buy the dress or outfit you will wear for dinner. I mean I love dinner and a movie, but lets take it to another level. Here is the scene: you just walked in the door from work or where ever you just come from he is standing there with a rose and a gift box. You ask, "What is this?" He just says, "Today is your lucky day". I would just melt. You open the box to see a beautiful black cocktail dress. How did he know. Well, maybe you were with at the store last week and he ask you to try on some dresses because he knows you like to shop. He just says, "We can't buy anything right now, but just try on for fun." All the while he has a plan in the back of his mind to pull off the best night you will ever have. Your man can find out a lot of thing about you and what you like if he went window shopping with you more often. That is quality time together and he is finding out everything he needs to know...two birds and one stone. The movie could be shown on a DVD player at a park with just you two watching...Hubba, Hubba. 

4. Your man needs to be very sneaky
I remember my husband had me fooled so bad one day. I had not had my wedding ring for about 3 or 4 years because it was lost at the jewelry store because he lost the ticket number for my ring to get cleaned. he was going to buy me a new one. He had a conversion with me that morning that set me on edge. He pissed me of so I could have my mind on that for the whole day and he went and did his thing. Later that day he knew I was mad so he bought me some roses. Within the roses was a fake rose that was actually a jewelry box. When I opened it it was my new wedding ring. He pulled that one off.

5. You have to not be so nosy
My husband has tried so many times to surprise me, but I would always know when he was up to something.
That fact is he tried, but what happens is your man will stop trying if you get too bad. Let him do what he is gonna do. He wants to try and please you and surprise you just to make you happy. Let him work his magic sit back and relax and know that one day he is gonna sweep you off your feet. 


  1. Cute post! I envy any woman who's man goes out of his way to be romantic (or tries to be romantic).

  2. I think number 1 is most important. and two, he's got to be clever because God forbid I stop being nosy! lol

  3. Thank you Sherry...and yes very much so miss Kroberts.