Sunday, July 1, 2012

Losing Weight

For me this is the most dreaded subject in life period. The reason why is because it is so hard. I know for a fact I do not have as much self discipline to lose weight as much as I do to keep up with my blog. My husband and I are on a quest and as I said in my very first blog "I am rebooting my life". 
I have tried dozens of diets and each year I gain about 10 pounds still.
Diets I have tried
The cabbage diet (too much gas)
The grapefruit diet (I did not eat grapefruits for a while after that one)
The master cleanser (the die off really got to me)
No carb diet (I lost 17 pounds, but had a piece of cake one day and said "Awe the hell with it")
HCG Diet (lasted one week)
No sugar, soda, or grease diet (starved myself)
21 day metabolism (how in the hell can I keep up with eating every 3 hours with my schedule)
Candida (That stuff you have to drink...Yuck!)
Colon Cleanse (Same situation...and boy you can't have a schedule with this one...heard of irritable bowel syndrome)
Fasting ( Please spare me..)
Raw food diet (hard to come up with a meal plan and eating the same thing everyday)

Well, I must say that there are probably more that I have tried and after listing them...I feel much worse than I already did. I see my  problem is dedication. Other problems are sweets, chips, and sodas. I can give up chips and I can give up sodas, but sweets is a blog by itself. I can make excuses very easy to. I keep saying "I'm going to start, but I have to have one last day to eat everything I can't eat. One last day turns into another month gone by. Then there is another very good reason, I DON'T HAVE A KITCHEN. We are in the middle of renovating. My kitchen should have been done by the end of is now what month? 

Well, yesterday I proved all that wrong. I made a great meal using my toaster oven and a microwave. It turned out great! I saw a meal that looked quite easy on Pinterest. I was gonna go to my grandmothers house and cook it, but I thought that maybe I can pull it off. 

The meal I made is shown in the picture. After reading so many blogs and researching some information I stumbled across this blog that i think is really gonna help me. Its Called 100 days of real food. They have everything I need and the info is FREE. I think now have the motivation to this now..finally. I have to  lose half of my body weight (170 lbs.) The best way for me to do it is to go cold turkey. That means go hard or don't go at all. My birthday is in two months. It gives me 60 days to reboot my eating habits. I also found a website called Reboot Your Life. Hundreds of people have already tried it. I am the next one. 

Wish me luck on this new journey. I am excited because when it is all over I will have a new kitchen and a new body. 


  1. Wishing you success on this journey. I know the feeling I've been dieting over half my life (and that's a lot of years) it's not easy, but it does take dedication and making sure you truly enjoy the foods you eat. Good luck!

  2. i sooo know how you feel. i have a hard time with dedication. in my 20's it was really easy for me to keep my weight in order but in the 30's its more difficult. i can work out and eat healthy for a month and not lose a pound! so frustrating. but this time ive vowed to just keep going whether i see fast results or not. i started looking at instgram photos tagged eatclean there you see alot of meal ideas. good luck on your journey!!

  3. Thanks,

    I have you know at this point i have gained more weight. I had so much going on, but no excuses. I have recently started again and I really want to stay in the race this time.