Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Month!

I celebrate my birthday all month long!

I have been wondering what I am going to do leading up to and on the day of my birthday. So I thought...this will be great to blog about. Well, first let me say I do have to share that day with my twin...shot out SISTER SOPHISTICATE. That;s my boo though so I don't mind. Anyway, back to me. I think that its a special day no matter how old you get. My husband "The Great Revelator", which I call him because he can find revelation in just about anything, says that we are actually not the year we are turning, but we are actually celebrating the year we just turned. I had to think about it because we always think that whatever year we turn then we celebrate being that age the whole year. What made me realize that he was right is when a baby turns one he actually has already been in the world one year. In actuality, he is in his second year the day after his birthday. Think about it!

So what am I gonna do? 
1. I have mentioned before that I am a couponer. I love it. The joy of getting so much for so little is an awesome feeling. So I found a site that list all the restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and  more that lists all the places that give you certificates and free stuff for your birthday. Last year was my first year doing it. I spent about 2 or 3 hours signing up for dozens of birthday clubs, but BOY did it pay off. I ate for free for about two weeks. This year I am already receiving emails for free stuff for my birthday. So the first thing I have on my list is to pick a day to just ride and get my free stuff. 
2. A couple of people want to do a couple of different thing with me for my birthday. I say what the heck lets do it all. My sister and I plan on going to Gosh for sushi. she has been telling me about this place for quite some time. I want to make it special so I say we have to do some things so it can be memorable. 
We dress like twins. Here we are on the right. I am on the far right. We look alike only she has a afro and I don't. Our hair styles can't be alike, but I guess we can pull off an outfit and shoes. 
We make a theme party. Since we are going to   eat sushi then we make an oriental theme party. I think this will be fun. We are PLUS girls so I found a costume that we may be able to pull off. If we are not able to pull this off then we will go with a back up plan.

We will dress in sexy red and black. I found some fans on Oriental Trading online. They are red, black and white. I thought that this will make the ladies go all out. This will be the only party favor because I expect to be leaving with a couple gifts for myself. 

We make it a ladies night.Ladies bring out your long heels and red bottoms. I want to be comfortable so I thought that some red jeggings or skinny jeans would set it off. We would also do a sexy shirt to make make it even more hot. Also, I am in Florida and down here it is still 80 degrees at night, so I plan on wearing a cut t-shirt off the shoulders. 

We have a blast. One thing my sister and I are known for is having a blast. We usually are the center of attention at all family and friend functions. They know if you bring the twins, bring the music, and bring the's ON. 

2. that was what I will do with my sister. Now its time to do my thing. My husband and I like to do couple things with who else...other couples. We have a few friends who are married and one of them wants to go out to eat. I thought to myself OK, but it has to be my favorite restaurant. Wolfgang Puck at Downtown Disney. There is like three restaurants in one. I like The Dining Room because it is upscale and very good food.  I plan on getting the California Four Course Tour. It may be a little pricy, but hey its my birthday. Here is the menu:

First Course: 

Duck Springroll

Pulled duck, Asian vegetables, Chinese mustard 

Second Course: 

Endive Salad

Mixed bitter greens, apples, maytag blue cheese, candied pecans

Third Course: Entree 

Seared Salmon with Turnip Puree

Fourth Course: 

Baked Alaska

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