Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Update

Hair Do time UPDATE

So I tried the hairstyle seen in photo and let me tell you....I AM NOT A STYLIST. Well the only cost was FREE. I had half of a relaxer left (Good thing about having short hair) and of course I used Wen shampoo and conditioner. This is what I was able to do.

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Hair do I will try
One of the things I said I was gonna do while "reinventing my life was to keep my hair up...FOR FREE of course. I gotta stay pretty on a dime. I understand that as women we like to keep our hair done with little management. I cannot afford to go to a stylist every week. I am on a mission to find hair dos that take little management. The first thing I did was buy Wen. I'm not gonna lie it makes my hair feel very soft and well conditioned. The only thing is the first month is $29.99 the second month is over over $60.00. That equals two hair appointments for me. The second thing I did was cut my hair. My husband does not like the idea of me having short hair. So now I'm growing it back. Gotta stay pretty on a dime and please the hubby...YOW MEAN.
So what do I do to find hair product that does not dry my hair out and conditions it very well? I'm doing the research and when I find it  will let you know. In the mean time I will use the rest of my Wen and then hopefully I will have a solution to the problem. By the way I must mention that I have relaxed hair. My USE TO BE hair dresser told me that i was damaging it with the BOX PERM. My thought was "oh you just want my money honey". My past research shows that its OK for me to use box perms, but as long as it has tea tree oils and aloe vera product in it. I must also drink plenty of water and get plenty of vitamin E. I figure the box perm will cost me about $9.00.
I hope this works.

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