Sunday, August 25, 2013


I just started my first week of school and it has already been a heck of a ride. I will say I have a great bunch of students this year. I also have over 200 of them. I have many names to remember. "Lawd help me". Either way I am in the middle of really creating new and exciting curriculum. I got inspired this summer after losing 20 pounds. My quote that I follow now is "Hard work pays off". I think that my students can really learn so much form me this year and I can't wait to get started.

You already know I have been on Pinterest and got so many wonderful ideas. This makes my class run smoother. I only wish I went to school for computers and it would be a big help today...for sure. I will be learning what I don't know along with my students.

Key things to learn this year:

Media Design
Proofreading Skills
Writing across the curriculum
Common Core Standards

I think I will be fine. Being a teacher allows for me to be creative. I can think of so many fun assignments that will still teach my kids the skills I want them to know. I hope they are ready for me because Mrs. Clay ain't playing this school year.

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